Wednesday, May 04, 2016



Recycling logoFACT: It takes 95 percent less energy to make aluminum cans from recycled materials than it takes to make from scratch. If you trash one aluminum can, it's like dumping six ounces of gasoline.

Watch these two short videos about recycling cans and plastic bottles in Lakeville parks.

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Recycle aluminum cans
Recycle cans and plastic bottles



Licensed waste haulers provide recycling and compost collection on the same day as your trash collection. Haulers deliver bins to new customers and for lost or damaged bins. For more information on recycling options, including hazardous waste, appliances, and electronics disposal, visit Dakota County's Recycling Zone.

The Recycling Zone logoThe Recycling Zone is located off of Highway 149 between Yankee Doodle Road and Highway 55 in Eagan. You can drop off old electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, plastic bags, household chemicals, and lawnmowers for free. For more information on hours of operation and recyclable materials, visit the Recycling Zone online or call (651) 905-4520.

Free tours of The Recycling Zone are provided to Dakota County residents and groups (girl and boy scouts, churches, etc.). Tours last about one hour and include an inside view of the site where participants learn about proper management of household chemicals, recyclables, and problem materials such as computers and other home electronics. Schedule a tour online.

Click on the links below to learn more about what can be recycled:

Recycling logoRecycle safely. Be sure to properly recycle fluorescent and high-intensity bulbs. Home Depot, Menards, and Dakota County's Recycling Zone accept these bulbs for recycling.


Dakota County residents can drop off their electronics—including televisions, mp3 players, video game systems, computers and more—at The Recycling Zone for free. This makes it easier and cheaper for residents to comply with Minnesota State law requiring old electronics be recycled at a certified recycling facility. Businesses will still be charged 35 cents per pound for electronics recycling—on the second Tuesday of every month.

To find out where to recycle electronics in Minnesota, visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website at

Medication disposal

Three new drop-off sites are now available for Dakota County residents to safely and easily dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications. For locations and a list of medications accepted, go to Dakota County's website. In Lakeville, there is a drop-off container at the Lakeville Police Department, 9237 183rd Street.

Water by the numbers

  • 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water.
  • 3 percent of that is liquid fresh water.
  • 74 gallons of water are needed to make one cup of coffee (including plant growth).
  • 713 gallons of water are needed to make a medium-sized cotton T-shirt.
  • Fill an empty plastic water bottle 1/4 full and that is how much oil it took to create, distribute, and dispose of that bottle.

Source: Science Museum of Minnesota