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Property Tax Information

Understanding property taxes

 Property Taxation 101: Describes the basics of Minnesota’s property tax system.

 Property Tax Statement 101: Explains the basics of the residential property tax system by reviewing each section of the property tax statement.

 Market Value Exclusion 101

Property tax relief

 State Homeowner Property Tax Relief Programs 101: There are three property tax relief programs aimed at homeowners offered by the State of Minnesota: the homeowner’s Property Tax Refund Program, the Targeting Property Tax Refund, and the Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program. This document provides a basic description of each of these three programs, including eligibility criteria.

Web link State property tax relief: Follow this link to find information and forms required for applying for a property tax refund, if you qualify.

Web link Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program: This is a link to the state's website which provides information related to this program for senior citizens.

Property market values 

Web link Dakota County property value appeal process: The Dakota County Assessor's office can provide information on how your property value was established and the appeal process. Visit their website or call their office at (651) 438-4200.

Web link Dakota County property tax estimator: This online tool provides you with an estimated property tax on the market value of your home, taking into consideration its location and school district, two factors that affect the property taxes you pay.

Fiscal disparities

 Fiscal Disparities 101: Local government units within the Twin Cities metropolitan area have participated in a property tax base sharing program.

 Minnesota's Fiscal Disparities Programs: Provides an overview of the state’s two tax-base sharing programs, providing information on their backgrounds, policy rationales, program mechanics, redistributive effects, and tax burden impacts.

City of Lakeville information 

Web link Dakota County tax rates: This page on Dakota County's website contains comparisons of tax rates and taxable net capacity values (by entity), and proposed tax rates for the current year.

Web link City financial data: This search function, offered by the Minnesota State Auditor's Office, allows you to compare how a city ranks versus other cities in the state on a per capita basis in various revenue and expenditure categories.


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